How it started..

She slipped into his bed, asking for nothing more than just a cuddle. It was one of those moments where humans craved to be in another’s arms. To feel like they belonged, somewhere safe and protected, shielded from the judgmental stares and harsh words. To her, he was convenient. No expectations and that’s how she left.

A week later, the same crave. A few drinks, the same pattern. She asked permission to be in his arms and he accepted her. That night things changed. Instead of the silence, they talked. A conversation spinning in all directions, weaving a web that became their story.

Hours past and this time she didn’t leave alone, instead they continued their morning together. Breakfast was hearty, light with laughter, and this was the first sign that they were moving away from being “a friend of a friend”. He took her for a drive, she played her favorite song. One that’s unheard of in the ears of many, but not to him. He played her his rendition of the same song. The moment felt like a coincidence that was too good to be true.

And that was how it all started. From nothing to a beautiful something.

He is the best thing that’s happened to her and she looks back thanking every decision she made that led him to her.


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