When the right pillars come into play.

As someone who runs a small business, and is constantly on the clock working almost 60-70 hours a week, spread out on six days, it sometimes gets me wondering on how lucky I am to have the support system that I have presently in my life. The people surrounding me are my rock, no diamonds, and there is so much value in the relationships I have with them. I can honestly say though, it’s not always easy to find these profound gems in life, and I most certainly went through my fair share of struggles when I didn’t have the pillars I needed.

But how do you know if you have the right people that are the support system you currently need in your situation? And no, I’m not just talking about the person you’re seeing, but your overall surrounding starting with your family, friends and even coworkers. So here are few key traits that points out that you’ve got the right deck in hand.

  1. Prioritizing isn’t an issue in a conversation.

Sometimes they’re the ones that end up prioritizing your work for you. You end up being the one that negotiates and bargains ways to spend time with them. Your conversations aren’t revolved around the typical “You work so hard that you barely have time with me”, but more along the lines “Can you finish your payroll first, and then we can hang out?” Take note, these are the conversations I’m having on my Sunday, my so-called “day off”. To them it’s about you finishing off what needs to be done, so you can be at ease the rest of the day. To them it’s about you sleeping early and getting enough rest, not coming home to things not done. They priorities for you, so you don’t have to feel bad doing it, and in actuality it’s because they genuinely care.

  1. They are your biggest motivators.

They know your potential and believe in your capabilities. They’ve seen you through the worst and told you not to give up and because of this, they’re willing to sail through any storm with you. More importantly, they’re invested in your vision and constantly remind you of it. Your goals become their goals, and they’re equally passionate and excited about them. You feel comfortable talking to them about your daily affairs at work, both ups and downs. It feels amazing sharing accomplishments, goals, game plans; but it feels even more fulfilling having someone listen to you, sympathizing and empathizing with you especially when there’s work related stress. “Talk to me,” that’s all they need to say. They’ll listen.

  1. They’re present.

That person goes one step further and make a constant effort to be supportive in your work-related activities. From showing up in big time company functions, to even small scale ones like a team night. They show their commitment by participating and getting involved, understanding that your team is theirs too.

  1. They’re the ones giving you critical conversations.

Running a business requires you to have critical conversations with your guys every day. Yet who does it for you when you need one? It’s the person that’s heard your conversations hundreds of times. The coaching and mentoring you’ve done at work have transpired to them. They’re familiar with your methods. They’ll build and break you, before building you up again. You’re the listener now, because you appreciate their feedback. Make mistakes. It’s okay. They’ll remind you that you’re human too.

So think. Have you got the right support system that has your back? And in a different light, ask yourself if you’re a good support to those you care for.


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