Bye 2014. Bring it 2015.

Its been a while since I blogged, the most recent time being last year November. Yes sounds like a long, long time ago, when really it was just a couple of months back. Yet, the near two-month hiatus has brought with it so much change. I may be 3-4 days late in writing the end-of-2014 post but here are the three biggest changes of the year.

  1. I’ve officially been on earth for a quarter of a century. A seasoned young adult, that has played the game of life for 25 years now. What have I experienced in these past years? So much, and there is still more to learn and go through. I’ve reflected and realized that the many negatives that have affected me in life, has turned to a positive, because it’s what makes me who I am today.
  1. Never thought I’d see myself here, but yes I’m a business owner! I’m proud of myself for being a student – always asking questions, absorbing the wealth of knowledge given to me by my peers and mentors, but more importantly for applying the understandings to my everyday activities both business and professionally. One thing I learnt this year is that you might not envision yourself to do something, but it might just come to you. I know for a fact I never dreamed of owning a business. It wasn’t something I could see myself doing. But it’s not luck that got me here but my student mentality, positive attitude and great work ethic. Luck didn’t land me to where I am now. Hard work and preparation for this perfect opportunity is why I am standing where I am now. I am a firm believer that “Luck is when preparation meets opportunity.”
  1. Finding someone when you least expect it. I did a lot of online dating in 2014 and never really landed anyone that could flutter my heart, to say the least. I don’t regret meeting guys I met online for a coffee, a dinner. In fact, I’ve met many great guys that are today in my life because of a conversation they initiated online. So no regrets at all. Then one fine day, I decided to turn away from the dating platforms and focus on life with family and friends. But when you stop looking, that’s when you find someone amazing. Its even more exhilarating to know that, that person was really right there in front of you, the whole frigging time. And slowly you get to know this person that was always a friend, just in a different way. I’m so happy I met you, the way I met you. An acquaintance, a friend, a companion and now the person I want to spend 2015 and perhaps more with.

So these are the changes in life from 2014. So bye 2014, and bring it 2015. I am excited to see what you can throw at me.


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