And this is why I grind

I tell my guys, if I can make it what’s stopping you?

Me, a petite, Asian, girl who use to be the most quiet person in the room. Someone who clearly did not have the confidence to speak in front of a large group of people, constantly fearing because I felt others were better than me.

But I quickly realized. It wasn’t who’s better or who’s not.

It’s who is the most consistent, the most resilient in times of challenges and stressful situations, the most selfless who’s always looking to help others at the cost of their effort, time and money.

And more importantly, because they’re willing to put their head down and ask those around them for advice and constructive criticism, and they understand that success is only achieved by hard work – your sweat, blood and tears, nobody elses’.

That’s what makes me successful. That’s what got me to where I am today, and that is by having the right mentality to achieve anything in life. And this is why I grind.



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