The Flipside

Have you ever dwelled on the negatives of a situation? If you have, you’re like every other person that’s living comfortably. The girl that wakes up in her own room on her soft, snug bed; the girl that opens her closet and chooses what she wants to wear; the girl that flips her laptop on and is connected to the world. Or maybe you’re the boy that drives his cool sports car down the road; the boy that gets to play soccer with his closest mates, wearing shoes that cover his feet; the boy that works out at a gym.

That’s my life. And that’s your life. And sometimes we have so much that we forget to look on the positives at times we have so little. We develop this habit of dwelling on all things wrong, neglecting to see that ray of sunshine that tries so hard to get our attention.

Nod. Admit it. You’re guilty one time or another.

And that is why I’m flip-siding this one occasion. A friend made a post that caught my attention. Its monsoon season in Burma, a time where it rains constantly and heavily, thus causing floods. “Happiness is everywhere if you know how to find it”, she said, and along with it photos of children swimming and playing in the muddy water, and men drinking beer.


And that to me was beautiful. How negative a situation can be, but is made so positive in such a simple way. Instead of stressing or worrying about how dreadful the flood is, they accept it and choose to enjoy life instead. The hardest working individuals are those that have so little, yet they are also the most laid-back in times when things are out of their control.

Learn to accept a situation, and teach yourself to always see the positive. Make it a good habit.


(All photos by Sandy Cho)


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