Ten reasons I love myself.

Today is one of those days where I feel the need to express my love towards myself. I know, it’s a little cheesy, lame, and on top of it all, weird. But hey no love is better than self-love. So here’s to no shame and a lot little bit of narcissism.

1. My sense of humour.

Sometimes I think I’m the funniest person in the world. I’m like the life of the party and can make people laugh and feel at ease, so I say. There’s nothing really that gets on my nerves and I don’t take offense easily. You can throw “your mama so fat” jokes, or anything really, and I’ll try not to kill still love you. Sarcasm makes the world a better place. It sucks to be with people that have ants in their pants every hour of the day. They need a good dose of chocolate, or perhaps need to get laid.

2. My determination and ambition.

I have a fear of failing. Not only personally but to those around me. Even though it’s a fear, I think that is what ultimately drives me to work hard and to push myself further. My biggest goal is my determination not to fail. It makes me a one hell of an ambitious person, for the most part!

3. My nature to see the best in people.

It’s true. I try to see the best in a person. The past to me is pretty much the past and its stupid to make judgments from it. Lets just say, I like to give everyone an equal chance when they enter my life. But sometimes it does bite you in the ass, because some people are just not who they seem to be.

4. My butt.

Oh yes, who has the most near-perfect butt of all time? I do! It’s a compliment I enjoy hearing, especially since I know it’s rare for an Asian girl to have a nice butt. My boobs however, I have no comment on. Lets change the subject. NEXT.

5. My sometimes lack of self-confidence.

There are plenty of days where I question myself. Am I good enough for a person? Will I really be able to run a business? And so forth. Though the constant self-questioning does seem like a downfall, I really think it’s a good thing. Nobody needs to put me in my place because I do that to myself. And hey, I guess I do have some confidence since I’m writing this blog post, so I deserve a pat on the back!

6. My ability to give myself a haircut.

Everyone has hidden talents and mine is cutting my own hair, and all while doing it drunk. I recently had a stress-release, drunken moment of cutting my own hair, only to do a banging job at it. Oh yea, who’s rocking a new do now? I am!

7. My alter ego.

A lot of people say I’m the most immature-mature person they know. I can be cheerful, silly and probably real kiddish at times with an “I don’t give a rat’s ass” type of attitude. Then my alter ego clicks in and I’ll be downright serious with full attention on the tasks at hand. Chameleon might be a good way to put it – someone that fully understands the current situation, the people and the surroundings.

8. My realness.

I’m realistic, at times pretty blunt and downright truthful when I want to be. In the past year or so, I’ve learnt to think a lot more logically rather than emotionally. Certainly, there are days when my emotions do get the better of me, but I am human after all. People say that those that think with emotions are more passionate. I don’t think that’s necessarily true. I just like to avoid unnecessary drama.

9. My genuine spirit.

I genuinely care for people. I want to see those around me happy. I love making people laugh and smile. It doesn’t just have to be friends or family. A complete stranger that I can win a smile or laughter from gives me a sense of big accomplishment. I thrive on people’s happiness.

 10. My comfort to get uncomfortable.

I think most people have a hard time pushing through a situation that is out of their comfort zone, but I realized I am really capable of pushing my own boundaries. Maybe because I’ve lived in different countries, adapted to different cultures and people, and have just gone through my own fair share of shitty experiences. Or maybe it’s my current job. All I know is that I’ve learnt to push my comfort zone bigger with each new uncomfortable experience and that’s something I am totally grateful for.







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