Fix me

Fix me,

I think I’m broken.

I’m like a faulty watch,

That tells the wrong time.

I’m like a shattered hourglass,

Unable to count the seconds.


Fix me,

I feel so broken.

I’m like a malfunctioning compass,

Giving imprecise direction.

I’m like an outdated computer,

That’s slow and inefficient.


Fix me,

I know I’m broken.

I’m like the damaged fence,

That leaves a gaping hole.

I’m like a worn-out shoe,

Offering no comfort but pain.


Fix me.

I think, I feel, I know, I’m broken.


2 thoughts on “Fix me

  1. John says:

    I’m a little bit confused you said fix me and compared yourself in a simile or metaphor of way.I wanted to know though if your asking somebody to fix you or what to do I fix you.

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