Our meeting


You don’t know me well,

But I know you.

I’ve watched you endlessly from aground,

I follow your every move,

Sometimes hidden,

Sometimes in full view.

There are days when I’ve seen you glance,

But your eyes flitter pass me.

Then came a day I caught your full attention,

I remember the moment clearly,

You were standing on a green bridge,

And you looked down and saw me.

Your thoughts racing,

Your heart frantically pulsing,

The fear inside you triggering a surge of adrenalin,

I felt it all.

Your hands gripped the railing,

Your hair flying against the wind,

The tears spilling from your brown eyes,

Your teeth pinning down your bottom lip,

I prayed silently that you would stay afar.

This was not how I imagined our meeting to be.

Atlas the seconds that felt like minutes passed,

And you collapsed to the ground.

It was then that I realized,

I was always with you.

You need not know or see me,

Because I know and see you well.


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