I’m just like you

But I’m just like you.

Another person with a story to tell.

Another person who experienced pain and loneliness, happiness and love.

Yes I’m just like you.

A girl so misunderstood, feeling foreign in her own skin.

A boy that’s so ashamed of his sickly body.

I’m just like you.

A constant reminder that I’m a failure still striving for success.

I’m just like you.

Taking each accomplishment as luck not hard work.

Forgetting to remind myself that I’m capable.

But I’m just like you.

Feeling lost in a world that’s full of greed.

A world that’s grasped by a thirst for power.

I’m just like you.

Closing my eyes to shun away from society.

Blocking my ears from cutting words.

I’m just like you.

Living in a world where one’s misery is another’s joy.

Where compassion becomes harder to find.


2 thoughts on “I’m just like you

    1. John says:

      I’m not like you, because I believe that every body has different potential to make a contribution into this world. I’m unique and nobody can be me, except me. I am different in many ways that only me can tell, and nobody else but me and I know I believe in me and I’m not pretending to be somebody else because I am who I Am.

      portray a confident it can fixed all the insecurities.

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