A day with Irene


I woke up on a Sunday morning with no set schedule. No alarm, no appointments, just a day of empty slots waiting to be filled with things I wanted to do.  A stress free day with the person, I realized, I missed the most – me. Lately I found myself to be surrounded by issues that rooted me to a spot. It’s like I wake up replaying each day – a program set to restart every night. The same pattern that I neither hate nor love. Perhaps it’s a feeling of tiredness. Tired of knowing the “almost accurate” end result. Wishing things to be different, but knowing that my thought is merely but a mirage.

Sometimes my mind drifts and I see myself running away to a place where no one knows who I am. Walking along a foreign street, smiling to the sky and feeling blessed that there’s only one person I need to please – myself. Although today wasn’t as perfect as this, I listened to my heart and did everything it asked for.

Our lives are filled with a schedule, leaving little room to do as you please in a spur of a moment. Flexibility becomes a luxury – a luxury that not a lot of people can afford. I’m glad this Sunday was left aside. Sometimes you need a moment for yourself to discover what your heart truly wants to do without it being influenced by others.

Freedom for yourself. 


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