You push those feelings down,

The ones you’re denying.

No more love, just emptiness.

Each day you go to bed,

Lying still with guilt.

It’s a hard feeling.

Lying, you’re a liar.

You’ve turned into a liar.

There’s nothing more to say.

You’ve turned into a liar.

Smiling in the person’s face,

Making sure there’s no trace,

That your love is gone.

It’s lost and it can’t be found.

Not wanting to hurt the other,

You secretly keep it in.

Only the lies keep getting bigger,

And with it more helplessness and despair.

Selfless, selfish, which are you?

Selfless because you’re trying not to hurt the other,

Or selfish because you end up hurting the other more?

And in the end, like a volcano, you erupt.

Causing more damage than you intended to.

There’s no amount of sorry,

That makes up for what you’ve done.

And just like that you hate yourself.

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