Silence drenched in summer rain

And in those moments, he whispered a message that made her heart soar a thousand light years into the universe.

She thought of nothing else but the stars she was orbiting, passing thousands of glittering explosions and fleeting into what we call the Milky Way.

He was flying and she was there beside him, living the same spectacular moment that is cherished in the depths of their skin, in every quivering nerve and rattling of bones.

Their hands clasped tightly.

Each finger weaved around the other.

Neither wanted to close their eyes, in case it was all a dream, in case they’d wake up alone to reality trembling from the coldness that entered their bodies, which even the thickest woolen blankets cannot shield them from.

Neither wanted to close their eyes in case they’d fall asleep, allowing time to pass by so quickly.

It was a harsh world that did not care for feelings or the deep connection formed between the eyes of two people.

And as the night passed, the whispers stopped because of the sudden disturbance of a pitter-patter.

At this time, the daydreams of the two lovebirds were broken, as each raindrop fell.

Starting with a light patter that landed on their nose, the droplets became larger, like the world was crying for there was no mercy.

They were drenched from the summer rain.

She beckoned it was time to go.

He wanted her to stay.

She told him tomorrow.

But he knew there was no tomorrow.

She had to go.

Even though words made their world spin out of control, she couldn’t stay.

“For words are words, that escape our lips and enter our eardrums, ringing little alarms that make us feel and think and confused.”

A bittersweet ending for the girl and boy.

It was beautiful while it lasted.

She pulls the hems of her dress, and irons them out with her fingers.

She walks away and disappears into the shadows of the night.

He stood up.

He was alone again.

He looked up and stretched out his hand to shield himself from the blinding of the afternoon sunlight.

It was daytime after all.

She was never coming back.


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