Letters – the good and the bad

I wrote my first letter a few weeks back. It felt foreign and strange. Ink to paper, word after word. The last time I sat down and wrote a letter on a desk was years back. I can’t even remember the exact moment because it’s been far too long – so long that my handwriting has suffered tremendously.

But I wrote and wrote this time. I came down with nearly three pages. I wrote because I forgot that there are those that weren’t able to keep up with technology. They were missing out. Left and forgotten.

So I started with a dear grandpa and grandma, and wrote about all that’s happened – the ups and downs, my most recent adventures in Seattle, and of course how much I missed them.


I realized how much I missed receiving letters too, like the excitement of opening up something that’s specially addressed and written personally to you. I wanted my grandparents to feel that joy.

But that feeling was short-lived. I’ve sent out my letter and I’m waiting for the day I receive a reply. Each day that passes, I get more and more impatient and agitated. It wasn’t because I wasn’t getting letters. I was – way too many and of the wrong kinds. I didn’t even look forward to opening the mailbox anymore.

Actually it’s quite scary. It seems everyone knows your name and all sorts of other details. If it weren’t for bills chasing after your behind, it was spam letters telling you how you have the greatest opportunity, to apply for the greatest credit card, from the greatest bank in the world. As if. I scoff so hard and wish they knew I was a 24-year-old going through a quarter life crisis, whose part-time job involves folding bath towels and full time job is a stay at home bum (not mum).

And after moving into a new place, the amount of scams one receives is just crazy. God Dingoes! We’ve received letter after letter, with our full names and other information, claiming that we are indebted for random services – for instance “moving into a new neighbourhood”. Since I’m super duper smart and everything (hehehe), I knew there was just something fishy and so I search for the company online. Whaddaya know. It’s a bogus company on a bogus street.

I’m realizing how this blog post about writing letters, turned into a complaint post about mail. Excuse the sudden rant.

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