You’ve got mail – A somewhat review

youve_got_mail_ver3“You’ve got mail” is about falling in love through technology. It’s a show movie that was released back in 1998, which I finally made myself to watch. No regrets too. The storyline is written with some form of charm that’s beautifully simple with a cute comedic twist to it.

I love the way the story is narrated by the two main characters themselves. Kathleen Kelly, played by Meg Ryan, is an independent bookstore owner who’s found herself wrapped around the magical world of the Internet, where you are anonymous if you want to keep yourself that way. The same goes for Joe Fox, characterized by Tom Hanks, who owns the modern competitive bookstore that opens right across Kathleen’s “The Shop Around the Corner”. Unknowing lovers online, rivals offline, our best friend called fate, intervenes.

Of course what unravels is too good to be true. Reality sucks balls and with the amount of weirdos out on the Internet, we can rest assure that our chances of finding Mr Right through chatting alone and with no additional exchange of information is extremely low.

Yes, its sad but falling in love in anonymity is pretty ridiculous. At most we can hide behind a photo of ourselves that has had tons of online plastic surgery known as Photoshop. That would mean no love handles, wrinkles, hollow eyes, sagging tits and ass, potbelly or whatever issues that may pursue us now, or many years down the road.

However, nobody says we can’t fantasize and leave room for that 0.001 per cent of fat hope that our paths will cross over to be some kind of romantic comedy.

But enough of the criticism on how unrealistic the movie maybe, and lets talk about the actors and actresses that make the movie as delightful as it is. Honestly speaking, I’ve never found myself attracted to Tom Hanks, but in “You’ve got mail” he does give off a slight air of confidence that reels me in. Perhaps it’s his businessman character where he plays a man that knows and goes after what he wants. Maybe I’m being slightly biased because I personally find decisive men are a tad more attractive, but yea there’s something about Hanks in this movie that is intriguing.

Then there’s Meg’s character. To me Kathleen is like a doe. She embodies elegance minus the time she’s walking. The way her eyes become rounder every time she smiles, or her hair falling down her face – those moments make me wish I were Tom Hanks. But damn, every time the girl walks I cannot help but wonder if there is a little jumpy boy in that womanly body of hers.

Probably the best part of this movie was that there was no drama in the end, or nearly throughout. Even if Fox tricks her and played her a fool after finding out much earlier that the girl he has been chatting up is indeed his ultimate competitor, the ending was simple, sweet, and a relief. It’s not the typical ending that you find these days, where there are just too many woes and tears that are spilt over crappy misunderstandings.

On a final note, the breakups between the characters in the movie are just, once again, too good to be bloody true.

3 thoughts on “You’ve got mail – A somewhat review

  1. Woody Potatohead says:

    The cover picture somehow reminds me of the movie ‘Big’, which also starred Tom Hanks. I’ll add this movie to my list of “Movies to watch when you’re undergoing PMS”.

    By the by, I miss watching old romantic comedies; there’s just an extra charm to them.

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