The evil squirrel in the garden

evil squirrel

It started with the sight of a squirrel.

“Oh look there’s a squirrel out in the garden,” my mum said one evening.

I literally squealed with delight, ran to the fridge and broke off a carrot.

I mean wouldn’t it be cool to have a squirrel friend like they do in cartoons? HELL YEAH!

Unsure if the bushy-little creatures do eat carrots, I stood on the porch and threw it on the grass anyway.

The squirrel stopped and looked at the orangey thing that landed with a thump.

It sniffed the air once, twice and continued to climb the fence, ignoring the carrot I offered out of goodwill.

I thought to myself “they must be picky eaters”.

The following day, my dad told me that a squirrel ate all the spring onions my mum just started growing.

I didn’t believe him. “Must be something else, I don’t think squirrels eat spring onions,” I said.

Three days later, my mum complained that the squirrel had a go at her newly planted tomatoes.

And as she made her complaint, I saw the sneaky little thing dash across the garden towards the fence.

I swear the fugitive was exerting an air of happiness as it hopped along the railing and towards the plum tree in the garden.

Guilty indeed.

Now my parents have declared a war on the rascal and I am solely to blame.

Apparently, my mum explained, the carrot was a declaration that it was allowed to eat everything it pleases in the garden.

Oh dear.

And that is how my plan of trying to be chummy with a squirrel backfired.

(Note: I never did have luck with squirrels anyway. Read “Confessions of a noob driver” point 3)


4 thoughts on “The evil squirrel in the garden

  1. squirrelrealness says:

    I like the part where you describe it as “exerting an air of happiness as it hopped along the railing…” What a shame your plan didn’t work out though!

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