Chapter One – A night to remember

They came banging on the door. The father had little choice but to let them in. In hand they held a torchlight. They came searching. For something, for someone, for them.

The little girl awaken by the sudden disturbance hid behind her mother. She was terrified. She knew this was the day her parents had dreaded and lived in fear from, for everyday, for a very long time.

They asked a lot of questions. They were searching for someone else at first. Take him away but not us, the little girl prayed. He deserves it. If anyone should be locked up, it’s him, not us. They entered his room, and asked him questions for a very long time. They took him away.

But it didn’t stop there. The questions turned to the family. Each face had fear written all over it. The interrogators knew something was amiss. It was the end for the family. Their cover was blown. It was time to go with them.

The father made calls to his brother and explained the seriousness of the situation. The mother tended to her children who knew what was happening but was confused at the same time. The little girl and boy both cried. They had school tomorrow. All the teachers would question, their friends would wonder why. Everybody would end up knowing the truth.

They packed some belongings and into the big white van they went, where they were driven away.

It was a long night for the family. They stepped out of the van and were guided to a building. More questions, fingerprints, security checks. Then they were placed in a room surrounded by mirrors – the type where you could be seen from the other side and observed like a helpless lab rat.

Moments passed and the family was guided to a facility. The first thing the little girl noticed was the fencing with sharp metal wire mesh that towered above. There were many buildings too, but she could barely make out the exact number as it was already late.

The four were led up to a room. A small, square-ish room, with a bathroom attached in the corner. This was to be their new home for an indefinite period. They brushed their teeth and made their way onto the foreign bed. The parents talked in hushed voices, the children tossed and turned, but eventually fell asleep.

It was one of those nights that would be forever carved into her memory.


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