Paying it forward (I)

There are little things that you could do to brighten another person’s day. Helping a family or friend definitely feels great, but when its a complete stranger that you’re making happy, then you’re taking one extra step into being selfless, and that makes you feel even better.

Today I did two things for two strangers. Nothing of what I did was extravagant nor a big deal, but in all, it made my day and I’m pretty sure it made theirs.

I’m not a public transport person. I’m a walker. Wherever I am, no matter the distance, I’ll walk. Let it be an hour or two away, if the day is clear from rain, its not too late, and I have no urgent appointments, I’ll take my time and just walk.

Today, however, I didn’t have the time. I was rushing. For those of you who know me, I’m a complete noob at directions. I got on the right bus, hopped off at the right stop but once there, I was completely lost as to which bus to take next.

The closest help was a homeless man, rummaging through his things and minding his own business. I walk up to him and I greet him. He was surprised that I’d even start talking to him. I asked for his help. We talked and he was kind enough to assist me. I offered him my lunch. He smiled with a big yes! He’s smile made my day.

As I hopped off the bus, I realized there’s an hour and a half left before my bus ticket expires! I had an objective! Find someone and pass the ticket on, so they could use it next. I saw an old lady crossing the street. I walked up to her and asked her. She declined as she already had a ticket. She was eagerly looking for someone to pass the ticket on too. She said, “At times like these we need to help one another out. People could really use it.” It felt like a “faith in humanity restored” moment.

Both of us went our separate ways. The next person I walked up to was an old African American man. I said “sir do you need a bus ticket? I still have time on mine left”. It didn’t take long for him to take up my offer and with that I scored another big smile.

My day was looking brighter even if the weather was grey and cloudy. No dull weather was going to stop me from being cheerful. I was one satisfied girl today.

Work went well, I talked to plenty of strangers and made decent conversations with them, and last but not least, I saw three cute dogs, one of which I got to pet! What a happy day 🙂

Remember, don’t expect anything in return, maybe one day they’ll pay it forward!


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