The ugliest, maybe beautiful


One of the ugliest fruits in the world (at least in my eyes) – the strawberry.

Made up of hundreds of pore-like holes that are filled up with a green-yellowy substance.  Its hair glistening when you hold it up into the light and the skin of the fruit, a vivid shade of red, sometimes red-black like that of fresh blood.

You wonder how such a fruit can symbolize love.

And as you open them up, you get an answer.

Half the strawberry and you’ll find the shape of a heart, if you’re lucky. A strange flimsy little thing, not a perfect rounded heart that you’d draw or imagine, but nevertheless still a heart.

The thought of how ugly a strawberry looks and the discovery of the heart, made me think back to the conversation I had with my colleagues over lunch.

Moral of the day- Don’t just fall in love with a person’s appearance; it’s the inside that counts. Or simply as the cliche saying goes, don’t judge a book by its cover.


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