The lonely walk, I’m enjoying so much


Dear friend. I thank you today for pushing hours and hours back, forcing me to spend quality time with someone I’m not use to being alone with. Myself. You might think it’s a strange way to put it because half the time, you are alone, but being anywhere outside all by myself makes me feel very uneasy and nervous. At least that’s how I felt months ago. Now it’s a different story.

I enjoy the 45-minute walk to and fro work, listening to the beat of music and just enjoying the day. It makes me happy looking up at the trees, the wind pushing against it and ruffling the leaves that are trying so hard not to let go of the branches. I smile at seeing random squirrels running around the block of houses I pass, its little paws sometimes holding apples bigger than its face. It’s cute.

My favorite part is walking across the bridge, which has become something I look forward to everyday. Seeing the clouds moving, sometimes with an airplane passing through it, against the backdrop of the city landscape that highlights Seattle’s bustling life. It’s close from where I am, just out of reach, but I’m far enough to feel at ease – to be away from the stresses a city holds.

And everyday, there’s a new surprise because it’s never the same image. Different sunsets, different clouds, different colors, different everything. Some days you’re greeted by a blinding sunlight that showcases rows and rows of snowcapped mountains, and other times there’s all but a silhouette of it. Yet it’s equally beautiful. There are days though, when the weather isn’t as great and the view from that bridge makes it rather depressing. Simply lonely and painful.

Today, I took the time walking by building after building, analyzing and just taking notice of the little things that I would not have given a second glance to on other days. Like the fact that there was a pair of black glasses perched on top of a building. Nobody noticed it but me, because I took the time to look up. I smiled too, wondering how on earth it got up there. Someone must have dropped it from the top accidentally. The poor fella.


I also noticed that the city was full of people who are proud of the freedom that they’ve achieved. The rainbow flag representing gay pride was draped across windows or proudly flying in the sky. I’ll admit, I too was proud knowing that I lived in a city that was moving towards equality. At least steps were taken, no matter how small they are. Remember not all places around the world get that kind of opportunity.

It also felt great seeing strangers and just smiling and greeting them. People here are warm, at least most. When you catch a person’s eyes, there’s a short-lived connection. It’s like an unspoken bond was formed. They smile, you smile and for that brilliant moment, you know each other, even if it lasted only for a few seconds.

I took nearly four hours, strolling today and just absorbing everything I can. The sun was truly announcing the start of summer too. It was pretty hot and I even began to sweat, something that doesn’t happen often to me in Seattle. It was a great experience, although I’m pretty beat up now. Dehydrated and sunburnt. But yay. Tan achieved!


2 thoughts on “The lonely walk, I’m enjoying so much

  1. Woody Potatohead says:

    I don’t think I can do all that by myself. Not quite yet. It’s quite a terrifying thought to be quiet, and enjoy one own’s company. So kudos to you!

    I’m glad you’re blogging so much now! :’D It’s great reading material for me when I feel too cornered by life (which is what I’m feeling now).


    1. Irene Lee says:

      I cant wait to have you and nanny poop over!

      I hope it gets better for you roz! Take a breath for yourself!

      ❤ you!

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