Walking on a hidden path


There’s a path hidden amongst the fallen leaves,

You don’t see it clearly, but you can feel that its there.

Somewhere underneath the brown autumn leaves and overgrown grass,

It lies.

The same path in unchanging directions.

It takes you to the place you’re destined to reach.

But don’t look back once you’re on it.

It’s not worth the pain.

Keep looking ahead, let your feet lead the way.

Hear the crisp sound of each leaf you walk upon.

The end is but a big blur.

It never promised certainty.

And that’s the beauty of the unknown.

Something new awaits.

It could be better, it might be a disappointment.

But do not fret for you are on the path now.

Looking back will only make you feel confused,

Lost and maybe a tint of regret.

Just keep walking.

Look at the clouds and sunshine for comfort.

And when it’s dark, search for the stars,

For they are always there.

Sometimes hidden,

But there.

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