Underneath a blanket of black.


Here I was, facing the ocean. The wind blowing on my face, my hair getting messed up, my feet tingling with sensation from the sand beneath. Every breath I took felt pure and so refreshing. I was reminded of the many reasons why I loved the ocean.

Though it wasn’t a scene that I imagined, it was perfect all the same. The clouds were grey, it looked like it would rain any second, and there was barely any sunlight. But it didn’t stop me from living the moment. Running in the cold water, splashing and laughing, it was a reminder of what happiness is and I didn’t want to let go of it.

As night came by, the sun was setting behind the sea and the horizon lit up like it was literally on fire. The darkness of the sky and the contrasting red, I think it’s an image I’ll always remember. Not just because it was beautiful but because there was something magical about it. It makes you realize that you’re missing out so much in life. You just stop and stare for minutes till it passes. It’s like a spell  was cast on you and you’re paralyzed. If magic existed, this is what it is; this is what it should be.

Drinking on the sand, feeling lighter and lighter as each moment passed. You know you’re drinking just the right amount because it was making you feel bubbly, not sad. You get up twirling, and the cold air just whips your whole body. It felt good for some reason. Jumping, giggling, screaming at the ocean as if expecting a reply, it’s a memory worth looking back and talking endlessly about.

We walked underneath a blanket of black that night. I remember it being pretty cold, but that was the least of my concern. Walking far, forgetting to turn back. Talking about everything. Our conversations were limitless.

Now as I write this, I realize I’m a lucky person. I’m thankful to have met great people, from all walks of life, wherever I am. Singapore, Burma, Seattle. Its something I feel very fortunate for. I’ll be forever grateful.

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