Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts

You can’t fall asleep. You dwell on the thought that doesn’t go away. You end up lying awake drifting into the past, present, and future. For hours you struggle to get that rest your body craves for, but it doesn’t come. Your body is complaining because its mentally and physically tired, still the sleep doesn’t come.

You’re staring into the black ceiling, lost in your own thoughts. It’s hard to see, but everything you imagine is so precise and clear. The ticking of the clock is unbearable. It’s the sound of time moving slowly but surely. You can’t take it no more so you put your earphones on, set the player at a two-hour timer and let the music run its course.

It’ll be good, it’ll get better, and it’ll be all right. Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts are but fragments of your imagination.

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