The ugly shot that is your forever

There it is. As I flip open my wallet, I see the picture that will haunt me for the next four to five years. The one shot where I wasn’t ready. Bad hair, a fake smile, and of course the wrong angle of your face, the one that gives you either double chin or makes you look three times the average size (I maybe over-exaggerating lol, but you get my point).

No matter how many times I’ve had to take a passport shot, its always the same result. I often wonder minutes ahead how I’d do it, only it never works out that way.ย I probably sound like a vainpot too and I won’t deny it. When it comes to ID photos I want the very best of it, especially since its THEย photo that you have to stick out everywhere you go. And, the worst part – a random stranger gets to scrutinize every detail of it.

Well here’s a meme to celebrate the birth of my new license. Hip-hip-hooray and laugh away! ๐Ÿ™‚


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