I never really liked the word goodbye. There’s just something that makes it sound so fake and miserable at the same time. If I could I would happily scratch the word out of every dictionary with a fork and burn the little bits of goodbyes into ashes. Yes, that would be the end of all goodbyes in my imagination. 

Really though, I’ve had too many goodbyes in my life to know that its really not good at all. You  feel miserable weeks before the actual day, you cry every time you think about it, it hurts when you see your half packed luggage, and it sucks because in truth you end up losing the presence of so many people in your life, while they just lose one little annoying girl. What a bummer.

I think my saddest goodbye would be leaving Singapore to come here. Boy that was tough. Too many people to say bye to in what feels like short notice, even though I knew it was coming. I didn’t want to cry. I don’t enjoy displaying my red eyes and sniffy nose in public, but the tears came anyway. No matter how much I gulped it down, they disobeyed.

So you pretty much can see how much I hate goodbyes. Byes are still okay because they state nothing but the mere truth. There’s no “good” mocking you. I hope after you read this, you’ll understand not saying goodbye to me. Just say bye. Going away is never good in my eyes.

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