We are but one

It breaks my heart to hear of the conflicts that are happening in Burma. I know that things in life are not as easy as it seems and that there’s so much that needs to be done to make the situation better. But while everyone else is pointing fingers to religion, I’ll simply blame it on people.

Religion isn’t supposed to hurt people. It’s supposed to teach people to love, care and show empathy and compassion. It’s about instilling morals and showing us the road to live a better life as selfless human beings.

Right now the things I hear are not the teachings of  religion. People are hurting one another because they’re driven to take revenge, not because religion tells them to.

They forget that we’re all the same – If you cut me I’ll bleed, just as you’ll bleed if I cut you. If you take someone that I love, I’ll hurt, just as much as you’ll hurt if I take someone you love. 

Lets not make judgments just because the color of our skin, social class, ethnicity or religion. Lets not make judgments at all. I’m sick of hearing people say that they’re of one religion but they do outrageous things that clearly show otherwise. I’m not taking sides here. In truth, I feel sorry for both sides.

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