A sunny afternoon


I think I found my new favorite place near home. On sunny days I’ll visit more often and sit by the lake while soaking in the warmth of the sun. Its a good place to just relax and unwind. I saw mothers laughing, fathers pushing strollers, children swimming – there was much happiness that it made me feel good just to be there.

I cannot express how much I’ve missed the sun. Seattle’s gloomy weather is so frequent that when the sun is up, I feel like a kid getting a birthday surprise. I’m excited for Summer. I’m excited to wear light clothing and shorts. I’m excited to get a nice brown tan.

There’s so much that I’ve planned in my head. Doing exercise outside instead of being stuck in the gym. Having picnics on a nice patch of grass surrounded by scenery. Taking long walks by the beach, or just sitting by the lake with a book in hand. I’m determined to do them all.


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