The green trail


I’m always amazed by the simple things in life, especially when it involves nature. The sight, the smell, the sounds you hear when you’re deep inside the woods are just mesmerising and my time hiking at Snoqualimie’s Middle Fork Trail was just that.

I loved how everything was so green, and this is coming from someone whose not so fond of the color. I love the fact that you can see different shades of one color all in one space. The dark green of the trees, the browny green of dying leaves, the lime-green patches of moss covering tree trunks. Even the river seemed green. So clear that you could see the algae forming on the rocks beneath. Its almost surreal.

Then there is the fresh air that you just can’t get enough of. The lingering scent of damp wood and leaves. The earthy smell thats brought from the rain. There’s even the smell of decay, nothing horrible, instead it serves as a gentle reminder that even something beautiful does not exist forever, its simply replaced with another.


My favorite part was the sounds you hear. The birds chirping away, even though you can’t see them. The gentle pitter-pattering of rain. The sound of a light stream trickling down from the mountain, and the gushing of the river as you get closer to it. I even enjoyed the sounds made by our footsteps – the crunching of leaves, the light snap of twigs breaking, its everything away from being surrounded by man made things.

But in all, I don’t think my description does justice. You have to be there to feel the tranquility and more importantly, you have to be there with the right people. People who also love nature and being part of it. I’m happy I got to experience something so wonderful, even though wearing the wrong shoes were killing my feet. At the end of the day, those blisters were worth the four hour long hike.

2 thoughts on “The green trail

  1. Woody Potatohead says:

    I’m offended that green isn’t your favourite colour πŸ˜›

    This is a wonderful read! The pictures look amazingggggg. There’s just something peaceful about watching trees dance, birds hum and the stream flowing.

    I can’t wait to pay you a visit (hopefully with van) soon.

    1. Irene Lee says:

      Come on over next summer! (June-ish) Van wants winter this year but all there’s to do is snow sports! 😐

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