A little more personal


Days have passed, sometimes without me even knowing, and now its near two months since I’ve been in Seattle. Somehow it feels longer, like I’ve been here for four to six months. Singapore feels like a million memories ago. You know. That feeling when you think of the past and it just seems like a dream. It’s weird when you think about it in that sense.

Like today’s going to be tomorrow and tomorrow, today was but a mere memory that slowly fades away.

It does feel sad, I mean days continuously move ahead and you can’t live the exact same moment twice. I guess it does make everyday unique. Sometimes the fact that life moves on is better. Some memories are better forgotten.

I sure as hell wish I could forget some things in my life. If I could, I would wipe away my darkest times so they can’t come back to haunt me. Till date those memories make me feel like I’m being suffocated. No matter how much I try to make them go away, I can’t. They say time heals you, but they didn’t mention that wounds don’t heal completely.

It’s strange how sometimes the happiest memories end up feeling the furthest away and the worst ones linger on only to jump back at you when you least expect it. Happy memories are easily shared, unlike the messed up ones. Happy memories make others happy, whereas you know the messed up ones won’t, thus better left untold.

It only takes a small reminder to turn a good day into bad. Today was one of those I guess.


4 thoughts on “A little more personal

  1. passionfortruths says:

    We can’t really get rid of memories for these are eternal. So, I have stopped trying to shut them out. I have learnt from others that we could, however transmute the painful emotions linked to those memories. As you probably know, dark periods in our lives are allowable though not desirable. Sending you thoughts of peace and happiness. 🙂

  2. John says:

    Well, forget the bad memories but embraced the good, Let it go the memories that terrorizes you but hold on to the good times that you experienced because that’s makes you stronger in the end.

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