Where is home?

Its been a little over a month since I landed in Seattle. I remember my time on the plane and looking out the window to see a picturesque view of snow-capped mountains. It was something you rarely see back in South-East Asia. I remember thinking to myself – its time for change.

I’d like to think that I’ve embraced this change gracefully. Although a third-party would tell you, graceful is definitely not the right word to describe it. So I’ve cried like a baby, whined and complained, chucked a hissy fit, become a sloth. OKAY, so i admit, graceful isn’t the right word.

But really it hasn’t been all that bad i suppose. Lonely definitely but im somewhat managing my lows. I’ve come to appreciate the not-too-slow-not-too-fast kinda life. I love Burma, but the country’s internet woes are a complete putdown for a social media loving geek like me. I love Singapore but Seattle has been a break from the fast paced lifestyle the little island harbored (Don’t hate British b/g readers, for i am trying to get accustomed to the American way of spelling)

So what my point is, Seattle has given me time to wind down at the right speed. Besides the lonely factor, I think I’m loving myself more. Job-hunting in a completely new society is a bitch, because heck, i know nothing of this place, but I’ve had so much time to take care of myself. I’m spending more quality time with my family, I’m cooking and going to the gym, I get to sleep in as much as I want, watch all the TV shows I’ve been missing out on and I have time to make my own healthy fruit juice, something which I have been wanting to do since Singapore.

I still wouldn’t call Seattle my home. I don’t know where I’d call home honestly and I’m definitely not the person to embrace the idea that everyone tells me – “home is where the heart is”. To me it doesnt make sense. I guess I’m still searching.

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